Technical Connection Settings
4 easy steps
I want to have statistics, but I have no desire and capacity to deal with it.
Transfer your Internet radiostation broadcasting on Radio-Box platform and you will get statistics and other user options that are already ready to use. We will be able to carry out the transfer within 2-3 days. See -
Getting your log files to our servers statistics possible:
- getting log files our servers by protocols ftp, http, rsyslog
- put log files from your servers to our servers statistics by protocols ftp, http, rsyslog
We only work with Icecast servers

Status file location

It is necessary to place a status file in Icecast web directory.
Usually the name of Icecast web directory is web, and other status files are located there as well,
for example, status.xsl, status2.xsl and others.
Web directory path can be found in the Icecast configuration file in the section <path>, see <webroot>.
The file must be downloaded from here

Open FTP access to the Icecast log files
It is necessary to open FTP access to access.log files . The word "access" must be in the files name.
The path to the directory with access log files can be found in the Icecast configuration file in the section <path>, see <logdir>.

Time and Date Check on the Server
It is necessary to check whether the correct time zone, current time and date are shown on the server.
We work with UTC. For Linux systems, time and time zone can be checked with the command "date". If the time on the server is not in UTC time zone you need to reconfigure it to UTC time, also it will be better to configure time synchronization with NTP servers.

After the first three steps, please, fill out the form and send it to us, in the field "General Information", please, indicate the selected tariff.